Non-metal ceramic, zirconium, and e.Max crowns

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Non-metal ceramic, zirconium, and e.Max crowns

Have you ever wondered if artificial ceramic crowns can look more beautiful and natural? Can you have a perfect, yet natural smile? The answer is – YES.

Truth be told, achieving this was really challenging until about a decade ago. Each ceramic crown had a metal base to which ceramic was applied. This metal base was the main reason why artificial crowns looked unnatural. The grayish-black color of the metal at the crown’s edge was almost unavoidable, especially over time when the gums receded, revealing the crown’s edge. Moreover, to hide the metal as much as possible, it was necessary to use at least one layer of completely opaque ceramic (called an opaquer). As a result, such crowns were non-transparent and didn’t allow light to pass through, unlike natural teeth.

However, metal was necessary because it provided strength to the crown. For this reason, it couldn’t be avoided in any way. Due to the non-aesthetic and unnatural characteristics, attempts were made for a long time to find a replacement for metal. It was clear that only by doing so could the aesthetics of artificial crowns be improved. But finding a material that is aesthetically acceptable on the one hand, and on the other hand, sufficiently resistant to withstand all the forces that develop during chewing, was not easy.

Finally, after fifty years during which the combination of metal and ceramic was indispensable, the answer was found. Zirconium dioxide (ZrO2, Zirconium-dioxide) and Lithium disilicate (LS2, Lithium-disilicate) are materials that have made a true revolution in dentistry in recent years. The basic characteristics important for the aesthetics of crowns are the refraction of light and transparency that is very similar to natural teeth. In addition to undeniable aesthetic advantages, the new materials are characterized by exceptional mechanical resistance at the level of the previously used metal. So, we finally got both top aesthetics and excellent function, and we can guarantee that white will finally be truly white, not black or gray.

Our clinic has been successfully using new non-metal ceramic systems for almost ten years. Exceptional precision in grinding and imprinting of ground teeth (which is very important for non-metal ceramics because it ensures long-term work) has resulted in a large number of successful works and represents the best guarantee for your new radiant smile.

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